Monday, 21 November 2011

John Lewis has Christmas Wrapped Up....

So by now everyone has not only read about, but seen and formed an opinion on, the John Lewis 2011 Christmas Advert.

So I won't bore you with the details of it, suffice to say that unlike their last effort (that dodgy advert with the different music and technology through the ages- that was awful) 'Please Let me Get What I Want' has been almost universally applauded for the heart-string pulling ultimate message of Christmas at its core- that it is better to give than to receive. Only John Lewis would spend £6m on an Xmas ad campaign that doesn't actually appear to advertise anything- apart from the JLP lifestyle and ethos itself- bold move, but judging by the collosal amount of goodwill (and lets face it publicity) it has generated, it has paid off. In common with their phenomenally successful 'Always a Woman' campaign, the ad below, has brought a tear to the eye, and given us pause for thought...

I don't think there has been much competition for John Lewis this year, as the other 'big' Christmas campaigns seem mostly some rather more cynical and downright annoying this year..
a D minus and 'Must Try Harder' for Marks and Spencers for their lazy and uninspiring X Factor tie-in- as if those wannabees aren't all over our screens enough as it is, isn't this collaboration completely at odds with the target demographic they are meant to be trying harder to woo?

And as for Littlewoods? Bah Humbug!!! In a real low for the retailer, the premise is a nativity show is which the children sing about all the great presents Mum has bought for them and their relatives. Yes thats right- Mum. In an advert that is sufficiently irritating that it is bound to appeal to kids, Littlewoods has clearly decided to blow the whole 'Santa bringing the Christmas presents' idea, who needs magic in today's consumerist society eh?

I'm not even going to add links to these two adverts, I don't want to give them the satisfaction of the extra publicity. So instead, back to John Lewis for a moment, and a couple of the more amusing spoofs that have sprung up in homage to that impatient little boy.... ho ho ho...


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  2. many thanks! watch this space for upcoming posts on my 'Retail New Year Resolutions' and my views on the 'Portas Report' on preserving the British High Street...

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